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IDD Therapy at
Mandan Chiropractic Clinic

What is IDD Therapy?

IDD therapy is computer-directed special traction, which means you can experience the exact care you need to help find relief and healing.

Dr. Isaacson is proud to be the only chiropractor in the greater Mandan area to offer advanced IDD therapy, a form of traction that’s entirely computer-driven.

Not only is IDD therapy painless, but most of our patients also find it extremely relaxing. Learn more about it and how it can help you below!

A Gentle Stretch

This modality is designed to gently stretch the spine, tricking your muscles into thinking they’re relaxed during this light pulling. Unlike other traction tables, ours is unique in that it takes two full minutes to reach its full stretch position. This is beneficial for patients because when the stretch and traction happen too quickly, the muscles in your spine fire rapidly, therefore preventing the full effects of healing.

One of the major benefits of this gentle stretch is that it allows your spinal discs to rehydrate, meaning their function can be restored to fill up the space between spinal bones and offer cushion for vertebrae.

One of the best parts? Our machine also benefits the neck, unlike other tables! Patients have found success treating back pain and neck problems that are both chronic and acute.

The system is designed to improve your problem over the course of 20 visits. Care doesn’t necessarily stop there- it’s your choice to continue to seek improvement, which many patients do!

  • The first 10 visits are designed to be a ‘trial’. By the end of that time, we like to see 20 – 30% improvement in patients.
  • If you haven’t hit the 20-30% improvement in 10 visits, we’ll reevaluate your needs and care plan.
  • If you have seen 20-30% improvement, we’ll continue with care adjusting the pull as needed. By the end of your 20 visits, we hope you’ll feel around 80% better.

IDD therapy has done wonders for me. I started the program due to Disc degeneration, disc Bulge, and stenosis. I could barely get out of bed or stand at work. I tried other treatments and nothing worked. I’m just finishing the 20 visit program and doing awesome. I highly recommend IDD therapy, It works!!”
Cindy H.

Schedule Your Visit

We’d love to help you find relief from acute or chronic pain today with gentle, natural IDD Therapy. Learn more about how it could help you or a loved one today when you call Mandan Chiropractic Clinic to book your first visit. We can’t wait to welcome you into our care.


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